Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Research Blog 2

Following up on my topic for the final paper, I have become more focused on the central topic of my paper. I made up my mind to focus on the networking capabilities of those involved in greek organizations. This decision came from the lack of a centralized topic in which would support the thesis of the paper. By googling "greek networking" a cite comes up that allows you to enter your information to connect to other members. I also tried " greek networking advantages" & "greek networking disadvantages" to get a general idea of what people thought of the system. For advantages, it explains how being in the system gives you an initial conversation starter in which you can use to propel communication between various people. It also states that you are favored heavily over other candidates in certain situations if the decision is made by someone who is a part of your lettered organization. When searching for the disadvantages, it leads to sites that laid out the pro and cons of going greek but no specific information on the networking disadvantages. This would lead most to believe that there is no networking disadvantages when it comes to the system. I found two articles, UNCHALLENGED, PROFESSED CORE VALUES: Do undergraduate Fraternity/Sorority members actually benefit in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and friendship? and
Leadership Practices And Effectiveness Among Greek Student Leaders. that briefly touch upon the networking and leadership skills the come along with being a part of greek life. This will be useful in my essay because the are scholarly articles that agree with my claim and provide specific evidence. Something I found interesting in part of the one of the articles is the possible drawback for less social greek members. People may rely on this system too much without developing enough skills to do so without it. This could definitely be a real issue as there are those are more outgoing than others.

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  1. Funny, I was just commenting on your first post -- check out what I wrote there.

    Today you should work on finding scholarly sources on this topic. The ones you mention sound good.